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About Us

I would like to start by saying this isn’t the biggest website you will come across on the internet. It also hasn’t been written by a technician, or even someone who has industry knowledge of thermostats. Although, what I will say is in the following few pages you will find information that has been extensively researched as a result of my need for a new thermostat.

Along the way, I came across a fair few models of thermostat that wouldn’t suit my needs but might suit someone else, and that’s why I decided to pass on some good, honest, and straight to the point information about them.

You will also find a good number of informational pages that will hopefully clear up any confusion you have with thermostats. You see I learned that a thermostat can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be and that can make for a difficult choice.

You can find out what type of thermostats there are on the market, how they can save money on your energy bills and just exactly what is so good about the wireless models you can buy. I also deal with some of the more complicated DIY installation issues people come across (which I also had to deal with).

All in all, I have designed this website so you can find out about various thermostats you might be interested in purchasing, and to help those of you who are completely confused about how all the technology out there works.


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