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Lux TX9000TS Programmable Thermostat Review

Take Control of Your Energy Bills!

Did you know that having a poorly set up thermostat for your heating or cooling system could be costing you more money in energy than it should? If you do, good for you! If you didn’t, I’ll admit neither did I! As you read through the reviews I have for you on my website, it will soon become apparent that I’m an average member of the public just like you.

It wasn’t until my own thermostat was deemed as “done for” that I started to research this subject, and I have to say some of the information I’ve come across has been a real learning curve for me. Although I’m not an expert in the field of thermostats, I have spent so much time researching (and bending a good many friends and family’s ears) that I decided to pass what I’ve learned on to everyone else and what better way to do that than with my very own website.

Lux Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat

Lux TX9000TS Touch Screen
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So, that aside on with the review which is all about the Lux TX9000TS Touch Screen Seven-Day Programmable Thermostat. There is little to say that’s not favorable about this unit so I apologize if you think I’m being too “over enthusiastic”.

Programming Control at Your Fingertips

If you’ve already done some research on thermostats, you will know that having flexibility with the programming is pretty important, and given the price this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s possible to have four separate programs in any 24 hour period so you can have different temperatures in the morning, afternoon, evening and overnight.

You’re also not limited to the same program each day of the week so if you like, you can have it set differently each day. If you do want the same times, one really great feature I like is the copy function. This means if you set times for Monday that you need for other days, you simply copy them over.
All of this is topped off with a tidy looking white panel that has a flip cover to the bottom, a nicely sized screen with easy to use touch-screen and an easy on the eye blue backlight that can be activated at the touch of a button.

Savings on Your Energy Bills

Unlike a lot of models I have come across during my research, this one has an energy saving default setting which can save you as much as $180 in just one year on your bills. That’s about 30% off the amount of money you’re already spending.

Plus, you’re helping the environment as well as your wallet. Add to that the fact that conserving energy will also help extend the life of your heating or cooling system and this thoughtful feature is probably one of the most important gadgets you will ever buy.

Oh, and I must also mention that if you intend to install this thermostat in a place where “naughty fingers” can get to the control panel there is also a lockout feature to stop any unwanted changes to your schedule.

Other Features

Going back to the display for a moment, the manufacturer has thought about visuals (it’s much easier to read something if you see it in pictures). So, what Lux has done is added a snowflake for cold and a little flame icon for heat. Plus, you can set the filter change alert from 0 to 720 hours and the unit will tell you when the batteries need replacing.

You can use this thermostat with many different systems including: furnace systems, heating or cooling only, central air-conditioning, two-wire hydronic systems and heat pumps with auxiliary heat. If that wasn’t enough, it will also work with most 24-volt systems, 750-millivolt and single stage heating systems.

You get everything you need in the box including mounting hardware, and it’s incredibly easy to install. Tried as I might, I couldn’t find a negative about this thermostat and that includes the price! If you’re interested, why not take a look at Amazon (one of my favorite online stores). The last time I looked at this product, they had some great discounts!

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