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Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat Review

All The Perks for a Portion of the Price

Technology is getting harder and harder to keep up with these days. Everyone wants the latest and greatest of everything, and older products are becoming useless faster and faster. Why sink a ton of money into any electronic system you may find yourself replacing in a few years when the next best thing comes along? That kind of mentality is what often leads me to search for the best budget-friendly option when it comes to all electronics.

Many of us simply cannot afford to continually upgrade our systems as better and better technology comes along. That being said, there are also a fair number of us who cannot afford to buy a top-of-the-line product even once, let along over and over again as technology gets more and more advanced. Whatever motivation is behind your search for a high-quality, budget-friendly thermostat, I have just the device for you – the Sensi Smart.

Emerson Sensi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Smart
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When I think of the term “Best Value for Money” (which is the title I have awarded this particular thermostat), I think of something which is almost up to par with the most expensive and impressive competitors in its market, but which also has an easily-affordable price. Therefore, this particular thermostat will not be the best thermostat you will find on the market, nor will it be the least expensive. Instead, as you will come to see in this article, the Sensi Smart has most of the same features as top-quality (and top-priced) thermostats on today’s market, but for only a fraction of the price.

Wi-Fi Compatible

If I had to pick out one major selling feature for this thermostat (aside from its great price, of course) I think it would have to be its Wi-Fi abilities. As we live increasingly busy and fast-paced lives, it becomes more and more important to be able to flex our schedules to meet our needs. Two things affected by constantly changing schedules are the amount of time we spend at home and at which point during the day we are home.

When Wi-Fi compatible thermostats first hit the market, people thought that such a system would simply allow them to control it from their cell phones from across the room, like a television remote. What it actually means, though, is that your thermostat will be wirelessly connected to the internet. This means that as long as you have an internet connection on your cell phone, tablet, or computer, you can control your thermostat from anywhere in the world.

Settings menu on the Sensi Smart

You can adjust it from the office if you know you will be late (or early). You can adjust it from the beach if you forgot to change it before leaving on vacation. As someone who used to housesit for neighbors as a child, I do feel a little pang of sadness as I think about the kids who will go without paid jobs as their neighbors leave for vacation. However, remembering as a kid eating all of their food while they were away and taking liberties with their telephone bills, I also feel happy for us adults who will never have to rely on our neighbors’ kids to care for our homes while we are gone. Well, that is, unless you have pets or plants that need care.

Easy Install

Seriously, I was a little shocked by how easy this thermostat is to install. First, it is compatible with almost any type of system, which means that you shouldn’t have to fuss around trying to find converters to make this thing work with your current wiring. Second, it takes less than 15 minutes, start to finish, to get thing installed and up and running. Of course, a little more time may be needed to prepare your programmable settings, but this is all up to your personal preferences.

What makes the installation even easier is the fact that this thermostat comes with not only written instructions, but also an installation video. Set up your cell phone to watch the video and follow along, step by step, with the instructions on your screen. It is really as simple as that. There is no need to know how to do electrical work. There is no need to hire an installation expert. You can do it yourself without a single worry that you will do it wrong.

Two-Stage System

Most people these days have a two-stage heating and cooling system in their homes. Yes, there are the rare few who do not have a central air conditioning system and yes, there are those people who have multiple heating systems. For the most part, though, this two-stage system will work perfectly for the majority of homes. It will allow you to control one heating system and one cooling system.

Pre-Programmable Settings

Though this affordable little device does not appear to have a smart system which will adjust the temperature according to whether or not you are in the house, it does have programmable settings. I am extremely environmentally conscious, so it means a lot to me to be able to set my thermostat based on how necessary it is to maintain a particular temperature.

At night, as you crawl into the warmth of your blankets, you heating system can be set to slow down. In mid-afternoon on weekdays, it can also slow down if you won’t be home. You can set it to turn itself up just before you return home so that your house is nice and toasty on those cold winter days.

Of course, the same can be said for summer. Since this system will also run your air conditioning, you can set pre-programmed temperatures for your air conditioner. Afternoons can get really hot and, though you aren’t home, getting the heat out of your house in the evening can be difficult. To combat this problem, you can set your thermostat to kick into gear as the sun reaches its peak in the sky.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pre-programmable thermostats such as this one. You can set specific temperatures for specific days and times based on work schedules, sport schedules, school schedules, and much more.

Controlled by Voice

Another impressive feature built into this affordable device is its ability to be controlled by voice commands. Simply connect Wink or Amazon Echo to your device using its Wi-Fi abilities and you will be able to tell it when to increase or decrease the temperature in your home without having to touch it. You won’t even have to touch your cell phone. I often forget to adjust the thermostat before I begin to cook or bake and find, half-way through, that my house is getting far too warm. I like knowing that I wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of washing my hands and manually adjusting this thermostat. I could simply tell it what to do and carry on my way.


If you are looking for something state-of-the-art – something worth spending a little extra money on but don’t want to actually spend that extra money – this Wi-Fi and voice command compatible thermostat is exactly what you need. It may not have all of the latest functions and features, but it does have the best functions and features and is much more affordable than some of those thermostats with what I believe are rather useless extra features.

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