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Honeywell RTH6450D1009 Deluxe 5-1-1 Review
Best Conventional Programmable Thermostat

Need a Replacement Thermostat? You can’t go wrong with Honeywell…

Not so long ago I noticed that when I turned on the thermostat for my heating, nothing seemed to heat up quite as quickly as it once did. Of course my first thought was that the furnace was on its way out (great), however, I was talking to a friend and they told me it could be down to the thermostat itself.

It never even entered my head the thermostat could be the problem. After all, it was a little panel that sat on the wall and always did what I told it to when I hit the “on” button.

Honeywell Home/Bldg Center Deluxe

Honeywell RTH6450D1009 5-1-1 Programmable Thermostat
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My second thought after it had been confirmed that my thermostat did indeed need replacing was where on earth was I going to get one? Well, these days the first thing pretty much everyone does is turn to the internet and I’m no different. What I came across was the Honeywell Bldg Center RTH6450D1009 model, and that’s what you’re going to learn about in the next few words.

General Information

This is a very neat looking little panel that has a handy backlit display in green. When it’s powered up, it will display the current temperature and what temperature you have set it to. It will deal with both hot and cold systems plus, it will work with most oil single stage furnaces and electric systems.

The buttons are soft-touch control which makes them easier to use, and the menu function is pretty simple to understand so programming it isn’t difficult. The one thing I will point out is that this thermostat works on battery power alone and cannot be linked to your mains electric system. This does have its drawbacks for some which is why I’ve mentioned it.

Installation and Functions

Installation is just about as easy as using the menu however, I urge you not to forget the dangers associated with replacing something related to your heating/AC system (even if it is battery powered). This thermostat does come with a manual but my advice is that if you’re in any doubt; get a professional to install it for you.

What’s really great about this unit is the programming function and Honeywell have aptly named it the 5-1-1. This means you can have different programs for Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I think this is a great idea because most of us spend more time at home on the weekend, so our heating and cooling needs change.

Having a program function like this will also help you save energy because you’re not tied to the same program all week plus, it’s energy star rated so it has passed all the necessary legal requirements in terms of energy use.

Smart Response Technology

As we all know Honeywell are one of the largest electrical manufacturers on the planet so they can afford the best technicians. One bright spark (who I’m sure must be up for promotion by now) came up with the Smart Response Technology feature.
So, how does it work? Well, if you set the timer to come on at say, 7am with a temperature setting of 70 degrees, the unit will actually “kick-in” before 7am so it can get your home to that temperature by the time set.

For some, this is a great idea. After all, if you say 70 degrees, that’s what you want right? However, some consumers have complained they didn’t realize their furnaces would burst into life before the time they set so bear this in mind if you’re conscious about energy.

If this has put you off, don’t let it because you can actually turn the Smart Response feature off. You just need to make sure you download the full manual from Honeywell as the instructions for this are not included in the one provided.


I happen to think this thermostat is a very good buy. Considering it will work with most systems out there it serves as an excellent replacement for those of you who have had your heating/AC installed for some time.
The price won’t knock your socks off either! If you’re interested, I found the best discounts on Amazon. The last time I looked they also had plenty left in stock (just in case you need one urgently).

Further Information

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