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Honeywell RTH8500D Thermostat Review
Best Touchscreen Thermostat

You Simply Couldn’t Pack Anymore Features in if You Tried!

I am well aware that any product, no matter what it is, will never tick all the boxes for everyone. After all, we want different things out of the “gadgets” we buy which is why it’s always best to do your research first.

As you will also know, my website is dedicated to thermostats and when I first embarked upon this journey I had no idea a little panel that’s connected to your heating or cooling system could make life so much easier.

Honeywell 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell RTH8500D Touchscreen
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For that reason I just had to include the Honeywell RTH8500D 7-Day Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat, because for the money I don’t think you could cram anymore features in even if you wanted to. We all know the name Honeywell for good reason, and this thermostat showcases how much work the manufacturer puts into the products they sell.

So, on with the review and I hope you’re ready for this!

Ease of Use and Installation

As the name suggests, this thermostat is operated using a touchscreen. Personally I like this idea because it’s a much quicker way of adjusting various settings. Plus it means you don’t have any fiddly buttons to deal with.

Installation is also very easy to do and Honeywell has made this about as simple as it gets. Once installed, you can make use of the green backlight which helps when you’re programming or you just want to see what the current temperature and set temperatures are.
The one thing I would like to point out is the backlight will not stay on permanently, and I mention this because some people complain about it. You do actually have to press the screen so it lights up. However, since Honeywell are doing their best to help you conserve energy I don’t think this is such a bad idea.

If you’re someone who has had Honeywell thermostats in the past, you might be thinking about the programming menu. Well, if you know the RTH7600D model which I’ve also reviewed here, you will know the advanced programming section uses codes rather than text. That’s something that’s changed with this model so you won’t necessarily need the manual to hand.

Main Features

Aesthetics are important, ease of use is important and so is simple installation but the most vital aspect for me is all in the programming, and I love this model for that!
In fact, there is so much it will probably be easier for me to bullet point the benefits you get. So, here goes…

  • Seven Day Programming which is easy to understand because it’s in the name. What this means is you can have a different schedule for each day of the week and you can choose from up to four different temperature settings in each 24 hour period.
  • Smart Response Technology is something you will only find with Honeywell models, and it means your thermostat will cleverly learn how long it takes to heat or cool your home to the temperature you would like. What it will then do is make sure that if you set it at 68 degrees Fahrenheit for 8am, it will cleverly start the system so your home IS at that temperature by 8am.
  • This model will run off batteries and can be set to use the power from your current system. Plus, if there is a power outage it won’t forget the schedule you’ve already programmed. It will also tell you when the batteries are running low or your filter needs changing.
  • The RTH85000D is compatible with a multitude of different heating and cooling systems however, do bear in mind it won’t support those that have electric baseboard heat from 120-140 volts.
  • MY FAVORITE FEATURE – The Vacation hold button! This is something I hadn’t come across before and I think it’s an excellent idea for those of you who are away a lot or like to take the odd vacation. What you can do is set the thermostat at a temperature of your choosing and it will maintain that for the number of days you specify. Once that amount of time is up, the unit will automatically go back to the original program setting.

In Conclusion

I’m not in the habit of telling people what thermostat they should or shouldn’t choose and I’m well aware this one won’t suit everyone. However, I happen to think it’s one of the best non-wifi models on the market and if you think it will cost you the earth, think again. Amazon for instance (you can find it here), had some great discounts the last time I looked, and hundreds of satisfied customers who have been willing to put “pen to paper”.

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